Tutoring Program

Online Tutoring

The HFC Learning Lab provides free online tutoring through a partnership with Link-Systems International, Inc., the owner of NetTutor.

NetTutor offers students 24/7/365 access to ESL, English / Writing, and Mathematics support, among other academic subjects. A complete list of the current support schedule is available here: https://www.nettutor.com/schedule.

For instructions on how to access online tutoring through NetTutor, please click: NetTutor Instructions for HFC Students.

To log-in to NetTutor though HFC Online, please use the following link (HFC log-in required): HFC Online Tutoring.

For optimal user experience, it is recommended that students use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge when accessing NetTutor.

For a few videos demonstrating how NetTutor works, please visit the NetTutor YouTube page for a short playlist of videos: https://tinyurl.com/y7pg2fqg.

For information about online tutoring through NetTutor, please review the following handout: NetTutor Student Guide.

Tutoring Program

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our online appointment system. We are working to fix the issue as quickly as possible. If you need assistance making or cancelling an appointment, or need information regarding upcoming appointments, please call 313-845-9643 for assistance.

Tutoring at the HFC Learning Lab is a support program, designed to assist students in clarifying subject matter and developing skills to better learn, understand, and apply information learned in the classroom. Tutoring is offered on both a walk-in/drop-in and by-appointment basis. Students who have scheduled appointments take priority over walk-ins. (For more information, please review our F.A.Q.).

For instructions on how to log in and make an appointment for in-person (face-to-face) tutoring, please click: How to Make an Appointment
If you are ready to make an appointment, please click: Online Appointment system
Login using your WebAdvisor login and password. If you do not know your login/password, go to HFC Password Help.
Please make sure you receive a confirmation email to know your appointment has been made.
If you need assistance, email your questions to: learnlab@hfcc.edu, or phone: 313-845-9643

Tutoring may take the form of individual (one-on-one) sessions or in small groups. Tutors adhere to HFC's policies governing academic integrity (https://www.hfcc.edu/current-students/student-policies). The Learning Lab offers tutoring from faculty members, professionals, and peer tutors. All of our tutors are well-qualified to assist students in succeeding at HFC. To make the most of the tutoring session, please prepare specific questions for the tutor.

Tutoring is offered for various subjects at different times of the day, according to the availability of tutors. All tutoring takes place during the regular times that the Learning Lab is open. Please be aware that during times that HFC is closed, tutoring will also be unavailable, and tutoring will also be limited during the beginning of the semester and during final exam week. For the most current information, please consult the tutoring calendars, below.

Most tutoring takes place in the Learning Lab (Learning Success Services, Building A, Room A-200), but some tutoring is offered at other locations on campus, to take advantage of technology or resources specific to the course/discipline. Please consult the tutoring calendar for the location of your session.

Please check when tutors are available by referring to one of the online calendars below:

Accounting (Faculty and Professional Tutors)

BBA-110 (Peer Tutors)

Biology and A & P (Faculty and Professional Tutors)

Biology and A&P (Peer Tutors)

Chemistry and Physics (Faculty and Professional Tutors)

Chemistry and Physics (Peer Tutors)

CIS 100 (Faculty and Professional Tutors)

CIS (Peer Tutors)

Drafting (Faculty and Professional Tutors)

English (Faculty and Professional Tutors)

English (Peer Tutors)

Math (Faculty/Professional Tutors)

Math (Peer Tutors)

World Languages (Faculty/Professional/Peer Tutors)



Paid Student Positions

The Learning Lab hires current Henry Ford College students for the position of peer tutors and student clerks. To be considered for a paid position as a peer tutor or student clerk, please visit the HFC Career Services website to view open positions and additional information.

Volunteer Student Positions

If you are looking to fulfill volunteer/service hours as a peer tutor, please contact Nancy Papp (npapp@hfcc.edu, 313-317-1786) for more information.

Professional Tutors

The Learning Lab hires individuals with appropriate qualifications and experience for paid positions as professional tutors. Current positions are posted on the HFC Career Opportunities webpage.

Faculty Tutors

Full-time HFC faculty seeking to tutor in the Learning Lab should first discuss with their Associate Dean/Department Chair/Program Coordinator, and contact Chardin Claybourne (cclaybourne@hfcc.edu, 313-845-9818) following this discussion.

Faculty Recommendation Form

Please use the following link (HFC Portal login required) to submit recommendations for students applying for peer tutor and student clerk positions.

Faculty Recommendation Form for Student Tutor/Clerk Positions