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Test Preparation

The Learning Lab offers students test preparation materials, exam study groups, and one-on-one assistance to prepare for the College's placement exams and Nursing Admissions Test. See below for more information, or email us at

A placement test that tests your knowledge in math, reading, and writing. Based on your placement test results, you will be placed in a course that is most appropriate for you.

How does ACCUPLACER work?
The test questions are built based on your response to questions you have already answered. Questions increase or decrease in difficulty based on answers you provided already. It is very important that you allow enough time for the test because based on your results, the system will determine which courses you can take. The test is not timed, so focus on doing your best to demonstrate your skills. You will begin with an elementary algebra test, if you do very well on this part, you will advance to the college-level math test. Based on this test results. You will be placed somewhere between Math 110 and Math 180. If you don’t do well on the elementary algebra test, you will be redirected to the arithmetic test. Based on the results of this test, you will be placed somewhere between Math 074 and Math 115.

What is on the math portion of the ACCUPLACER test?

  1. Arithmetic which includes operations with whole numbers and fractions, operations with decimals and percentages, and applications and problem solving.
  2. Elementary Algebra which includes operations with integers and rational numbers, operations with algebraic expressions, and solution of equations, inequalities, word problems.
  3. College Level Math which includes algebraic operations, solutions of equations and inequalities, coordinate geometry, applications and other algebra topics, functions and trigonometry.

A Closer Look at ACCUPLACER Tests
ACCUPLACER tests use a multiple-choice format (except for WritePlacer®, the written essay assessment). There’s no time limit on the tests, so you can focus on doing your best to demonstrate your skills. Click here to get more details and to see a break-down of topics that might show on the placement test.

How to prepare for the test?
*Click here to download and view sample practice questions.

*Free Accuplacer study app
Click here to go to the official ACCUPLACER page for which you can download a free study app that has hundreds of questions to help you become familiar with the contents of the test.

Additional Resources
A very good online resource would be that has thousands of videos covering almost any topic.

Nursing Admissions Test (NAT)

The Learning Lab offers one-on-one assistance for students preparing for the NAT in our Learning Lab. For materials to study at home, please visit: Nursing Admissions Test Preparation.

For one-on-one assistance in our Learning Lab, select one of the following:

  • Come in during our hours of operation.
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