Test Preparation and Study Skills

Math Course Placement Improvement - MyLab Foundational Skills

Interested in improving your score on the Math Course Placement exam? The HFC Mathematics Department has developed a new opportunity for students seeking to improve their placement testing results. For more information, review the document MyLab Foundational Skills. Students with questions should contact Mr. Sam Bazzi (sbazzi@hfcc.edu; 313-845-6473).

Course Placement – General Information

For the most current information on Course Placement at Henry Ford College (HFC), visit the Course Placement page and Course Placement Testing page. These pages contain information about placement testing for ACCUPLACER, CaMLA EPT, and Chemistry. They also include information about the Assessment Center's hours of operation, retesting policies, and other relevant content.

Course Placement – Next-Generation ACCUPLACER

ACCUPLACER is an assessment used by HFC to test students' knowledge in the areas of math and reading. Based on the results, students are placed in a course that is most appropriate for their current skill level.

ACCUPLACER uses a multiple-choice format. There is no time limit, therefore it is very important to allow enough time to take and complete the assessment without feeling rushed.

ACCUPLACER questions increase or decrease in difficulty based on answers provided to previous questions.

To learn more about the next-generation ACCUPLACER, visit the following links:

Course Placement – CaMLA English Placement Test (EPT)

The CaMLA English Placement Test (also known as the Michigan English Placement Test) is a computerized 60-minute timed test. Students must take this test if they have graduated from middle school in a non-English speaking country.

There are 80 questions divided into four (4) parts, including listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

To learn more about the Michigan EPT, visit the following links:

Nursing Admission Test (HESI Admission Assessment Exam)

The HFC Nursing Program requires applicants to take the online Nursing Admission Test, or NAT. (HESI is an acronym for the name of the company that produces the test, Health Education Systems Incorporated.) To register, students must log into HFC Self-Service and search the course catalog for "NAT 100." The NAT is administered at the HFC School of Nursing's computer lab and is proctored.

To learn more about the NAT, visit the following links:

Additional Resources

  • Students may request help or ask a question (HFC Portal log-in required) about study skills, test preparation, tutoring, and other resources.

  • The LearningExpress Library (registration and log-in required), is hosted by the Michigan eLibrary (MeL). This site has free practice tests, tutorials, and e-books. It contains materials for the ACCUPLACER, NAT, and many other standardized tests (SAT, ACT, GRE, etc.). It also has content related to academic subjects and life skills.

  • Khan Academy is an online resource with videos covering many academic subjects.

GPA Calculators

(These tools helps students in understanding their current GPA and how it can be improved.)

Assignment Planner

(This tool helps students avoid procrastination through planning how to complete assignments.)

Videos and Other Free Materials

Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC)