English Learners (ELI/ELL/ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL) resources are designed to assist non-native English speaking HFC students with their English language reading and writing assignments. The resources are intended not only for English language learners enrolled in English courses, but also for any HFC student who needs assistance with the English language.

Please use our Online Appointment System. (Please make sure you receive a confirmation email to know your appointment has been made.)

Instructions are provided at the following link: How to make an appointment. (Questions may be emailed to: learnlab@hfcc.edu.)

English (Faculty/Professional Tutors)

English (Peer Tutors)

The links below provide online access to ESL handouts. The handouts can be printed in the Learning Lab for free. Students can also view or print them at home.

The following page has a list of links to websites with topics relevant to English Language Learners: ESL/ELL/ELI links.