Learning Resources

Anatomical Models

The Learning Lab has a collection of anatomical models for students' use. These models are kept in the Biology Lab (AKA "The Bone Room") and must be checked out using students' HFC ID cards. Models are available for borrowing for up to 45 minutes. If models are not returned within the time limit, fines will be levied. Models cannot be removed from the Biology Lab (or, in times of high usage, the immediate area outside of the Biology Lab). All models are the property of the Learning Lab; students are not permitted to check out models for outside use or otherwise remove them from the premises.


The Learning Lab has an in-house library of course-specific and subject-specific textbooks. All textbooks are free for students' use, on a "first-come, first-served" basis. All textbooks are the property of the Learning Lab; students are not permitted to check out textbooks for outside use or otherwise remove them from the premises.

A list of our current books can be referenced at LibraryThing (http://www.librarything.com/catalog/HFCLearningLab/yourlibrary).


The MediaScape allows students to collaborate on group assignments by connecting one or more (up to 4) laptops to a shared monitor. Students can then toggle the MediaScape display to mirror the screen of their laptop. The MediaScape is also linked to an iPad, allowing students to use the educational apps installed for studying and skill-building.

The Learning Lab has headphones available for students to check out while using a computer. Please see a Lab Associate or student clerk to borrow headphones. HFC Student ID card is required.

Computers and Printers

Computers in the Learning Lab are only to be used for college-related work. In addition, students must abide by the following usage rules which are in agreement with the rules in the Library's Media Center:

  • The computers are for the use of HFC students, faculty, staff, and other authorized users, and they are intended primarily for educational activities relating to school assignments and test preparation.
  • The college's copyright policy forbids students from printing electronic copies of textbooks, PowerPoint slides, or any other lecture materials.
  • Loud, boisterous, and impolite behavior is not allowed. Please respect others.
  • When using the computers, please be considerate and talk moderately. Cell phones should be off or turned to vibrate. All calls should be taken outside.
  • The Learning Lab reserves the right to monitor the use of the computers and to limit or restrict their use.
  • The Learning Lab reserves the right to refuse the use of the computers to anyone at any time.
  • Limited printing is permitted for class-work only. Printing is $0.10 per page black/white and $1 per page color.
  • Printouts can be retrieved at the Print Release Station at the front of the Learning Lab. To print, use your 6-digit HFC ID number to identify your print job. Follow the prompts.
  • Seek assistance from the front desk staff if you are not familiar with how to use the Print Release Station. Failure to use the system correctly can result in loss of a print job.

Please review the college-wide policy on computer use.


The Learning Lab provides free handouts for student use on a variety of subjects, including topics in ESL, Math, Reading, and Writing. Some handouts are informational/instructional, while others contain practice exercises and sample problems. These are excellent tools to use when working with a tutor.

These handouts are PDF files, and can be printed at no cost from within the Learning Lab.