Learning Resources

Learning Resources

All learning resources (models, books, calculators, headphones, etc.) are the property of the HFC Learning Lab. No learning resources are available for use outside of the HFC Learning Lab, and thus, must not be removed the premises. Any person removing (or damaging) these items from the HFC Learning Lab, will be assessed the full cost for replacing these items. A current HFC Student ID card is required to use most learning resources.

Anatomical Models

The HFC Learning Lab has a collection of anatomical models for students' use. These models are kept in the Biology Lab (AKA "The Bone Room") and are available for borrowing for up to 45 minutes. If models are not returned within the time limit, fines will be levied. Models cannot be removed from the Biology Lab (or, in times of high usage, the immediate area outside of the Biology Lab) without permission.


The HFC Learning Lab has an in-house library of course-specific and subject-specific textbooks. All textbooks are free for students' use, on a "first-come, first-served" basis. A list of our current books can be referenced at LibraryThing.


The MediaScape allows students to collaborate on group assignments by connecting one or more (up to 4) laptops to a shared monitor. Students can then toggle the MediaScape display to mirror the screen of their laptop.

Headphones and calculators may be borrowed from the front desk.

Computers and Multifunction Devices (Print/Copy/Scan)

The HFC Learning Lab has over forty (40) computers for student use; log-in with HFC username and password is required.

Most of the computers in the HFC Learning Lab are connected to a multifunction device (computers in tutoring areas are not connected). This allows students to print and make copies. Students can also scan documents and send the resulting PDF file to an email address or USB drive at no charge.

Black & white printing and copying are $0.10 per page; color printing and copying is $1.00 per page. Printing and copying requires a card payment. Students without a debit or credit card are welcome to add funds onto a free, reusable print card.

To print, first use the print function within the program. Then, write down or take a picture of your unique document ID number, and follow the prompts at the print station. You may also choose to send a confirmation email to your account.

Our devices accept print jobs from laptops or anywhere off-campus. Upload the document to PrintMe.com and obtain a document ID number to use at the print station. These unique numbers are valid for 24 hours. Users may also print directly from USB flash drives, Google Drive, or a HFC HawkMail account.

Please review the college-wide policy on computer use.


The Learning Lab provides free handouts for student use on a variety of subjects, including topics in ESL, Math, Reading, and Writing. Some handouts are informational/instructional, while others contain practice exercises and sample problems. These are excellent tools to use when working with a tutor.

These handouts are PDF files, and can be printed at no cost from within the Learning Lab.